YG电竞境外留学生告知书Important Notice for International Students Overseas
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        Dear students:



        At present, the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus is the most important task. Wuzhou University firmly puts the safety and health of students and teachers in the first place. In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, reducing mobility and blocking the routes of transmission are effective measures. Therefore, according to the university’s latest regulations and for the health of the students, the following requirements and suggestions are madefor the international students overseas:


        1. 对境外来(返)校学生,无论外国学生和本国学生,一视同仁,无差别地执行相关防控措施。

        Relevant COVID-19 prevention and control measures will be equally applied to all Chinese and Foreign students alike who return to or enter Wuzhou University.


        2. 境外学生未经批准不得提前返校。不得持学习签证进入中国境内从事与学习无关的活动。违反以上规定者,将依法依规严肃处理。

        Without application and official approval, the students overseas are not allowed to return to campus. Students are not allowed to engage in activities that are not related to your studies in China with the X visa. Anyone who violates the regulations mentioned above will be punished in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

        3. 请同学们随时关注YG电竞官网网站、微信公众号,关注个人邮箱及社交媒体账号,保持电话畅通,及时了解情况。

        Pay close attention to the university’s website and WeChat. Check your email and social media account frequently and keep yourself available via phone to learn latest messages and information.


        4. 与所在二级学院学院老师保持联系,及时报告自己的状况。积极主动配合二级学院及国际交流处做好每日体温监测,真实完整地填报个人健康数据并按时、及时上传。

        Keep in touch with the teachers of your college, and keep them informed of your latest situation. Cooperate with your college and the International Exchange Office to do daily body temperature monitoring, fill in true and complete personal health data and submit it on time and in time.


        5. 如果境外学生没有按上述规定做好返校前连续14日的个人健康数据填报,YG电竞官网有权延缓其返校的日期。

        Those who fail to fill in the health data for 14 consecutive days before returning to campus will be postponed the date of returning to campus.



        For the international students overseas, please comply with coronavirus-related prevention requirements and regulations of the host country and enhance the consciousness of self-protection.



        Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



        Wuzhou University


        March 18, 2020

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